Congratulations to Sandy and Ron

I want to tell you about my dear and close friend, Sandy. She and her now husband, together 18 years, were married last Saturday in their home community in Oxford, MD. Why do I mention it? Because I so admire them as a couple that I wanted to share it.

According to the Hendricks Institute there are three types of relationships: toxic, where people are more sick with their partner than they are normally (very few in this category); learning, where partners learn from each other (most fall into this category); and celebratory, where the partners love each other in a most whole and beautiful way that is characterized mostly by their co-creation.  I not only strive to be in this category (one day), but I LOVE it when I see it. And I see it, whenever I see Sandy and Ron.

What makes Sandy an extraordinary individual is what I imagine makes her an extraordinary partner. She is a true creator: focused on expansion always. She is an unstoppable force; is the most intelligent woman I know (except for my mom of course);  knows how to get her point across in the most fluent, kind and caring way; and expresses dissatisfaction as an opportunity for change, without blame and criticism and honoring where you are.  She laughs contagiously and loves to play (maybe why we get along so well).  I really don't think I've ever met anyone quite like her.

I've learned a lot about life and keeping love in my heart from Sandy. Congratulations Sandy and Ron. I love you both.  This is your e-card by the way.....

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