'Love is being able to be in the same space with something'

What I've been wondering about lately is how I can feel so good at the very same time that I feel so bad. I don't ever remember this being so true for me as it is in this very moment (and I mean this very moment. I stopped what I was doing in order to begin writing this).

I don't have to tell you why my heart hurts, right? You know why I'm here. At the same time, I feel really good about what my time here is doing for me. I am reconnecting with my mom and my family; I'm building a work life that gives me joy, pays my bills and allows me the type of flexibility that makes me happy; and always on the top of my list, making new friends.

And so when I heard the statement today 'Love is being able to be in the same space with something' it all came together. It's exactly what I'd been questioning in this week of good fortune. I don't have to deny my hurt and sadness or push it aside. It gets to live right alongside of my happiness and gratitude for all that this recent change in my life is giving me. Happy Birthday to me!

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