Camp Progress

Where do I begin? We've accomplished so much this year and I am excited to show you the pictures that demonstrate the progress we've made toward turning Niños del Lago into a reality. By the end of next month, we will have completed the entry roads, built the bodega (storage unit), prepared six cabin foundations with posts, and planted an avocado orchard.

When I first arrived in February, there was no construction in process - what was there were the very preliminary structures needed to secure the site and have water - fence, entrance, well,small security building etc. The land wasn't even cleared (re: 3/17/09 post).

We began the year working with Aura, our natural architect, to plan, estimate and budget the next phase of construction. For those of you who have done a major renovation or built a home, you probably have an idea of this process. It's time consuming, laborious and often frustrating (the price goes up, we change design in search of the most economical solution, something emerges that wasn't accounted for and it's back to the drawing board). Our approach has been to use natural materials as much as possible, build without destroying trees (in fact Aura will move them before losing them)and make the most economical choices that allow our camp to be sustainable and provide safety to the children. This has not always been easy, but the result - wait until you see!

The slideshow on the top right shows the entry roads, the progress of the bodega (storage unit), the various stages of the first six cabin foundations and a view of some of their placements. The cabins are not very far apart but are built on different elevations giving them a sense of privacy. Also, notice the natural river rock that forms the foundation and parts of the bodega wall. And, I threw in a few pictures from one of my prior visits with a visiting donor and friend so that you can see that I am alive and well.

This is the work that you are supporting and I don't think I can say often enough - Thank You. For those of you who have not yet participated and would like to, please click here: Donate - Niños del Lago . Your contribution, ensures my continuing work here in Guatemala, on behalf of those smiling faces that I'll continue to show you.

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