Transforming the Inner Critic

As you know, I've been struggling with my blog's purpose since I'm no longer in Guatemala.  And, as I write this, my inner critic chimes in with "nobody wants to hear what you have to say" (actually I believe that I am blessed/plagued? with two inner critics who sing to me in tandem chorus like children singing  "row, row, row your boat").

Hmh...I think not!

Well, I've been doing some research on how to tame this little bugger and I've learned a new tip.  Besides talking back to the inner critic, which I do quite successfully at times, (( i.e. tell him/her/them to STOP; ignore them; correct them with evidence of the opposite of what they say (last month, there were more than 300 views on my blog. Yes, I realize that a real blogger has several thousand but the point is, Somebody cares)); there's an additional tactic that will replace that inner troublemaker with an inner creator.

Turn the criticism into a more positive and thoughtful question because using your mind to answer the question that inner voice is asking is the road to your negative downfall.

These are the questions that I am asking myself:

  • I wonder how I can re-purpose my blog and what I could write about that people would care to read
  • I wonder what type of freelance work I will do and how quickly I will begin doing it
  • I wonder what I will learn next
  • I wonder how I can give more to the world
  • I wonder who will walk with me 

And as my mind engages these questions, I tend to the details of goal setting and action taking.  I am excited about the new ideas my mind, in full consultation with her boss, my heart, will come up with.  In the meantime, any tips, ideas and suggestions about the above questions are encouraged and welcome!

P.S.  I wonder how long it will take for at least one person to sign up for email updates so that I can see that number go up (hint: it's on the right hand side of the blog).  My critic chorus has been having a field day with that one.

Sorry - no photos today!  I have no pictures of my insides and I don't think you'd want to see them anyway.


  1. Kris,
    Well you're on the right track to get yourself focused on the positive. I understand your struggle only because of the abrupt change in your living situation and the concerns for your Mom. Because otherwise, you are just a talented, bright and interesting person who has so very much to offer the world.
    Friends always,

  2. Since I'm a guy I don't have comment on your inner "feelings" stuff (it just confuses me) but here are some random thoughts on what to write about next:

    -Taking care of your mom (almost everybody our age can relate to taking care of or living with doesn't have to be grim either, those old folks are pretty funny, although you may have to ask permission just like you did when you were a little kid!)
    -job hunting journal (lots of people can relate these days, though this could get a bit tricky if you're writing about ongoing interviews, etc.)
    -Harvey Ave. (lots of weirdos to write about it!)
    -Interview others: send odd questions to famous or not-so-famous friends and ask them to divulge their inner thoughts.