Hi Everyone,

On November 12th I'm participating in a local 5K run/walk, organized by my sister-in-law Doris, to benefit Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society.  I am walking as part of a group sponsorship, organized by my sister Rhoda, for Gloria Bobyak, aka 'my mom'.

We'll have a banner and T-shirts along with our very own, very cool logo (above), designed by my other sister-in-law Greta (are you seeing a pattern with the sisters?).   If you participate in the sponsorship, you too get your name on the T-shirt along with the very cool logo and my gratitude.

What you probably don't know is that my mom has raised money for the Relay for Life for more than 15 years and has chaired the local event as recently as last year.  That's why this year's Macoby Run Run proceeds are going there.

If you would like to be a part of 'Walking for Gloria', you may do so by sending a donation check to me by next Friday, October 29th.  We need it by then to get the order to the printer.  Remember to include your mailing address so that I can mail you the t-shirt.

Well, no time to put it off so if you're going to do it, do it now!  Here's the information:

Check made payable to:  Macoby Run Run

Mail to:
Kris Hettrick
513 Pottstown Avenue
Pennsburg, PA  18073

 "That was easy!"  Where's that easy button?  Good night, my friends (it's my bedtime here).

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