Let's get interactive and have some fun!!

You may not know this -- I began KrisforKids for three reasons:

1. Keep in touch with my family and friends while I'm away. I may be hundreds of miles away but for my long distrance family and friends, I can actually be in touch with them more frequently through the blog. It's different of course for the people that I used to see regularly. The blog is meant to keep me close to the people I care about and hopefully vice versa. Of course you could do like Carl, and have a picture of me (not my best) sitting on the sofa, propped up on the sofa - very clever, no? To borrow his quote "'It's like you never left - I just look over and there you are"' (that's a joke - of course it's not the same).

2. Expand awareness about Guatemala and the Niños del Lago project so more and more people realize that it doesn't take much to have an impact in this world and that we really can help others build a better life for themselves. I hope to help facilitate this by sharing observations and stories about my time in Guatemala and the people I meet.

3. Raise money for Niños del Lago so that I can help accelerate their progress. Your support is what is allowing me to do this. Without me, Niños del Lago will surely be built. I like to think that my prior involvement in the project and my work experience, is just what's needed to kick us into high gear and allow us to keep pace with the construction. We are working to develop the infrastructure while we are building the camp, so that we are ready with children when the camp is complete.

Help me build the excitement -- Let's get interactive. Take a look after you read this and notice that you can make comments and email me by clicking on the picture of the envelope. I will reply to all emails and I welcome productive comments that will help create the involved atmosphere needed to move this project along and create fun along the way. Muchas gracias, mis amigos.

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