A big step for Niños del Lago

We recently participated in a media event in Guatemala City where Capgemini announced their partnership with Niños del Lago and presented us with a check for $10,000 as a donation toward the construction of our camp. I'll continue to try to upload the press coverage - haven't been successful yet - but as you might imagine it was so gratifying to be a part of this. This is a big step for us and a true indication that this dream is going to become a reality.
And so, another land clearing project is scheduled for this weekend where I'll have the opportunity to get bitten by mosquitos and shovel brush into a big pile – I can't wait. Actually, I get to use a machete. It's hard work but it's lots of fun because there's a large group of Capgemini employees who are really dedicated to helping to ensure this camp is built for the children in their country. I wish you could meet them. While the company is making this available as part of their admirable commitment toward Corporate Social Responsibility, there is a genuiness from their employees (and I mean everyone I've met so far) and their clients (OK I only met one) that honors the real intention of their effort. Above are the before and after pictures from our last land clearing.

I'm also including a few photos (below) of my home and the surrounding area so that you can be assured that I have enough to eat (Jean). You can make them bigger by clicking on them. Notice the outside office (not mine - this is at Arlaine's)and volcanoe view (this is from my rooftop terrace).

Take care everyone -- I miss you!!

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  1. Wow - that's great news on the donation Kris - congrats! Those pictures of the land clearing are amazing. That's a lot of machete action! It sounds like you've got your hands full. Those views of the volcano are amazing!