As promised, I just returned from Panajachel and watched the repair around the bridges and river banks and also crossed the mudslide that has blocked vehicular access to the camp. I don't know that the pictures do it justice.

Here is a picture of the workers passing heavy rocks from the ground up to their work level. I guess it struck me because I'm used to seeing machines do this type of work. They were enjoying themselves -- especially being in pictures.

This is the mudslide that blocked access to the camp. Transportation takes you to the beginning of the mudslide and then you walk across and pick up the transportation on the other side. The path now has built in steps and the path changes because it continues to slide as more rains come.

And lastly, mi amiga, Aura who is not only our architect but a masseus and healer who in one treatment did more for a pain I'd been having for over a month than 6 sessions of physical therapy. This shows you the large rock that is at the start of the mudslide on the day that we walked to the camp.

Check out the link if you want to see all the photos I took this day including a bystander who was having a little fun with his friends and posing for me on one leg.


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  1. Having been there I can appreciate the enormity of the task ahead for these people. They definitely have a "can so" spirit.
    Keep us updated and thanks for the pictorial essay, it helps.