Lessons Learned during the rainy season

1) Do not get lulled into a false sense of security based on your prior year's experience. Just because last year's rainy season was unusually dry, remember that it actually rains and rains a lot during the season.

2) Make sure you have food in your house.

3) If you find yourself in the grocery store during a drizzle do not say "I'll go to the mercado tomorrow to buy my vegetables and fruits as I normally do” because it may rain, rain, rain - and you may not get to the market. See number 2.

4) Do not wait until the last minute to take a shower before needing to be somewhere. If the electricity goes out, you need enough time to allow your hair to dry naturally – especially if you are going somewhere where you need to wear a dress.

5) When the electricity does goes out and you think it's just that your lightbulb needs to be screwed in a little tigher, beware of your stress level so that you do not break it as you are tightening it. This is especially important if this is your last light bulb because you just broke one two days ago by knocking over your lamp during a breathing meditation.

6) Take your flashlight with you as you walk to the restaurant so that when the streetlights go out, you can find the stepping stones in the river that was the street.

7) Remember to laugh.

Who has lessons to share? Post your comments.

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