All Hands on Deck for 2010

(left to right) Luis Briseño, Luis Enrique Pereira, Arlaine (in back), Gustavo Adolfo Azmitia and Evelyn Herrera.

Last weekend, our Guatemalan Board of Directors visited the site, assessed the progress, and considered our priorities for the year. You may remember that our international board members visited just a few weeks ago. Everybody is now fully engaged for 2010 as we plan on completing at least one full duplex cabin and begin construction on the Main building and perhaps the Education/Arts center (if we're successful with a pending grant application).

A little bit about the local team above -- Luis Briseño, our fountain of information about the inner workings of Guatemala, Luis Enrique, our attorney, Evelyn Herrera, another wealth of information and source of help with the local population (and my Spanish teacher), and Gustavo, whose staff beautifully print our brochures. After our visit, we relaxed and enjoyed a feast at a local restaurant, complete with a celebratory bottle of Scotch (brought along by I won't say who, though not me, to toast commitment to our work ahead) and had a plain old good time.

P.S. Also, our newest addition -- Our Guardiana and Architect at the camp have been caring for the cutest little puppy ever. She needs a home and Sandy, if you're reading this, I know Zelda's a cat but I think she has a little competition.

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