Seeking Solar

The Solar Team: Alex, Blanca, Gaby and Blake

I came to the campsite for the first time since I've been back in Guatemala in order to enable solar experts to evaluate the camp for solar energy. With the group was Blake Manson, from Green City Development in the states, Alex, who works with Blake here in Guatemala, and Blanca and Gaby from ECO, a Guatemalan organization that works toward responsible, ecological construction for a more sustainable world.

Together, they will work with us and Capgemini employees in Poland to come up with a solar design to power the camp. We have some of the best resources helping us and I continue to be amazed at how everything just comes together when you are taking steps toward accomplishing your goals and are serious about it. Has that been your experience?

Sidenote: The world is so small. Alex is a friend of one of my house mates here and I'd met him on my first day back in Guatemala. Neither of us had any idea at the time that we'd be working together on a project. What a surprise it was to see him. I admit, I recognized his face and was having a hard time placing who he was - and he had been to my house. You know what it's like when you meet someone in one place and then you see them in a completely different context? It was like that. Sorry, Alex.

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