Good bye sandals and sun; Hello coats and clouds

I've had recent technology issues and that has kept me somewhat silent, but I'll be live and in person in the coming months.

A family visit:

Last week, my parents and 2 of my aunts visited me here in Guatemala. Besides visiting the camp site they met some of my friends from the park - Juliana who sells jewelry, Domingo, the shoe shine boy you've seen in prior posts, and Carlos a shoe shine boy in Panajachel who is a little more fragile than the others. His situation is a different story and one that I hope to learn more about and share with you when I return to Guatemala in mid-January.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I arrive in Chicago on 11/4, attend a fundraising event on 11/20 at the Irish Eyes (click on Child's Play for children's Day), and then move on to Philadelphia area on 12/2 to spend Christmas with my family, meet with a church group, and talk to a group of school children about Niños del Lago. While there, I make a side trip to Baltimore to visit with some very close friends and donors. I return to Chicago the day after Christmas, take a another side trip to Minneapolis to share progress with a group that is being coordinated by one of our donors, and then return to Guatemala on 1/17. Are you tired yet?

Before I forget - our latest Newsletter:

Lots of great photos - worth a look.

Good Bye sandals and sun; Hello coats and clouds:

Hasta Luego (see you later) to all my friends in Guatemala and Hola (hello) to all my friends in the states. Thank you for your support this year!


I had a personal goal to reach $5000 before returning to the states. Thanks to my monthly recurring donations and my good friend, Micky, today - 3 days before my departure - I've met that goal. Can you see my smile?

Day of the Dead - November 1st

And now I hope to make you smile with some beautiful pictures from today's kite festival - held annually on the Day of the Dead. These are from a small town, Sumpango, about 20 minutes outside of Antigua.

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