My first guest

Mayan Weavings

Last week, I went to Chichicastenango, a large Mayan indigenous market in Guatemala, in order to buy weavings to decorate my house. I am intending to rent out two of the rooms (they're beautiful and awaiting your arrival - hint) in order to help with the rent. Por eso, I'm warming them up with some beautiful weavings.

On the way home, I met Raquela, who was befriended by Arlaine, the Queen of befrienders. She was sitting between us and wouldn't you know, she'd not made her arrangements to stay in Antigua. As such, she became my first paying guest (My rooms are very economical in case you really are planning to come to the beautiful city of Antigua - 2nd hint). Raquela is from Guadelajara, Mexico. She does not speak English and so we communicated only in Spanish.

In actuality, I should have paid her. She hung the flags for Semana Santa (more to come on that next week) and in borrowing the hammer and nails, introduced me to my neighbor, Sergio. She also cooked us the most delicious dinner of Chile Rellenos. My first faux paux was when she asked me for help and I said 'no thank you' thinking she had asked if I wanted help. It did turn into a laugh after her initial shock -- what do you mean 'no thank you'? Raquela is also a photographer and after dinner, we walked the city and took pictures of pretending to put gasoline in a motorcycle at a 60 year old gas pump (you had to be there - it really was fun). I thoroughly enjoyed her company and look forward to more guests (you don't have to cook dinner if you don't want to).

Muchas gracias, Raquela. Que eres siempre bienvenida!

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